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What Is A Tantric Massage Escort?


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With so many wide and varied definitions of Tantric Massage with an Escort, It’s no surprise that many of us still do not understand what is tantric massage. I have received many requests for this type of massage in London. But each time I was asked for more clarifications on it. I hope this page will help you to gain a better understanding as far as tantric massage practices are concerned. If you who require a quick answer to the question, I posted the following description:

Q. What is tantric massage?

A. ” A sensual candlelight massage using oils and body to body massage techniques to achieve an explosive tantric energy release”? No, it is much more than that!

1. Where did tantric massage originate from?

I have gathered that tantric massage started as a style of sensual meditation yoga, back in medieval India. Isn’t this amazing? This style of erotic, spiritual massage was then introduced to the Western world toward the end of the 18th century and gathered quickly a huge burst of interest in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

2. How had tantric massage evolved over time?

Tantric massage disciplines have developed over time. But it has always been a very spiritual practice with the goal of enlightenment. In the modern day, it is often forgotten that Tantra is essentially a spiritual sensual practice. Yet it is my aim to bring this philosophy and way of experiencing tantra back as an independent escort.

Many of the original, meditative Tantric practices have been lost in this part of the world due to escort agency misdescriptions of the services they offer. As far as I am concerned, I actually offer an authentic style of tantric massage in London as an independent escort, because I believe we can have it all. I focus on achieving increased spiritual sexual awareness and awakening of the erotic consciousness.

Some modern, Western variations of tantra have been called Neotantra. Depending on who you speak to and their view, Tantra Massage comprises a variety of different tantra principles. In general terms, tantric massage can be used as a reference to any aspect of sacred tantric sexuality.

3. What to expect in a tantric massage escort session?

As well as understanding what a tantric massage is, we should look at what happens in a tantric massage exactly. Modern tantric massage with an independent escort like me, is based on the principles of the ancient tantra techniques. My goal is to provide a more spiritual experience during our time together, rather than that offered by other forms of sensual massage and culminating in a powerful sexual release of energy.

4. What are some benefits of tantric massage?

Tantric massage with escorts can offer many benefits to those who see to engage in it. The obvious benefit is the stress release and offloading of sexual and mental tensions. One other benefit of tantra massage is that it is often used to teach the recipient to prolong arousal and gain more control. This, in turn, will benefit your personal sexual encounters as you will be able to perform better.

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