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Dear Pleasure Seeker,

I am Lana Morell, a truly special and unique upscale Swiss Escort based in London and also available worldwide. But what is a Swiss Escort like? We hear about all sorts of nationalities in this industry. Many claim to be from various countries in western Europe, when in fact they might be Eastern European, or even from a completely different continent. I don’s see any other Swiss escort out there… Does that make me special? You decide ;).

Going back to the question what is a Swiss Escort like, let me explain something to you if you do not know it already. Switzerland is a mixture of many cultures. One could easily say that there are various Switzerland suits various palates perhaps. There is such a thing as German-Swiss, French-Swiss, and Italian Swiss. This is true both geographically and ethnically, as well as culturally.

Over time our various cultures merged more and more into one, giving life to a whole new bread of Swiss so to speak. This is probably the Switzerland I belong to… the new age Swiss cult. I myself, being a quintessentially non-European born and raised in the middle of Europe… before you ask, no, I do not consider myself European, simply because I am not. I am Swiss and proud, not European. Yet I hold Europe dear as a good neighbour would. Europe is a wonderful place after all.

But am I really Swiss? The short answer is YES> The educated answer is yes because otherwise, it would be hard to explain. Switzerland isn’t like other European countries where non-Europeans can apply for a passport because of European ancestors related passport rights (for example Brazilians and South Americans apply for Spanish or Italian passports). The Swiss passport is one of the hardest passports to obtain in the world. This suggests that chances are that if you are not born swiss and are not wealthy, you will never become Swiss. Now, this is how you know chances are I am a genuine Swiss escort!

So, what is your preference, Swiss or Belgian chocolate? ;).


Your Swiss escort delight…


Lana Morell xxx…




Swiss Escort