Role Play Independent Escort

How To Role Play Independent Escort?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As a playful Role Play Independent Escort myself, I recognise the fun one is to have when role-playing. Roleplaying requires a playful personality, an imaginative mind, and an intuitive soul to tune in with the roleplay partner. If we think about it this way, we quickly begin to see that role-plays are not as easy as one may think.

I personally love being a Role Play Independent Escort from time to time. It is fun, and it takes me/my mind somewhere different, somewhere perhaps never before explored. I am very much in my mind and therefore I think I know how powerful a role play can be, providing the independent escort of choice is up to it.


Are you looking for a Role Play Independent Escort?

How about you contact me using the contact form, sharing your fantasy, role play and we take it from there? I would love to read all about your fantasy soon to be true. It is important that I know beforehand the type of role-playing you have in mind for two main reasons. One is that I need to agree to it. Two, I like to prepare for our fun roleplay so that when the time and date approach, all I need to do is to mentally get into character. I like to prepare both my self for my appearance, my premises, and I also like to be mentally prepared. Let not forget that some role-plays can be demanding and very detailed. This is why I care to prepare beforehand.

It all sounds rather serious, doesn’t it? I do take it seriously when it comes to preparing for a roleplay because I think this is what you deserve. If you come to see me for something as specific as this, I think it is only reasonable to prepare to the very best of my ability. Being a high-class courtesan isn’t all just about looks. It is also very much about the quality of the experience and our time together. So yes, good preparation for a role play is serious but it pays off ;)…

As soon as you walk through the door, or I walk through the door if I come to you, it will all about the fun to be had and no discussions or revision on what should be happening during the role play. I like our date to go smoothly without breaking the sparkle/atmosphere with avoidable revisions. As soon as we meet I am in the role. I am already the character you want me to be and I am having a huge deal with fun with it! Let’s face it, sometimes it is simply fun to pretend to be someone else in a different life altogether.


Your Role Play Independent Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…