Queensway Independent Escort

How To Arrange A Date With Queensway Independent Escort?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Arranging a date with me as your Queensway Independent Escort is easy and fun. I am at all time a happy, bubbly, and friendly soul. Whenever and however you chose to make contact with me, you will always find me to be very friendly, polite, and accommodating when possible. Seduction begins on that first contact.

I am a respectful, honest, punctual, and genuinely nice person. This is why I make sure to honour our date by being punctual, warm, and pleasant. I am determined to make our date as special as it can and should be because I care. In return I ask that you respect my time by making sure that you fill in in detail the contact form on my contact page, so to avoid missing out on information by me required in order to make an informed decision.

If you chose to call instead, please ensure that you already know where, when, and for how long you wish to meet for. This will speed up the scheduling process, and it will also avoid confusion, leaving no room for mistakes due to endless emailing back and forth.

Queensway is very close to where I am based. This means that it would take to you only 15 minutes to get to me. If I was to be with you, it would only take me 15 minutes. This is a convenient area for the last minute dine out together, and fast reaching from anywhere in London. There are some convenient, yet not high-end hotel around Queensway.

Guess what, this Queensway Independent Escort right here, used to be in this area all the time to bowling and ice skating. It was fun!

Now let me ask you, are you looking for a fun loving, bubbly, sensual, and attractive young Queensway Independent Escort? Because if you are, you can stop looking right now. My name is Lana Morell and I am your Independent Escort Queensway!


Your Queensway Independent Escort

Lana Morell xxx…

Queensway Independent Escort