Professional Companion

Why Date This Professional Companion?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,


Having being single for some time now and missing some life pleasures, I decided to become a Professional Companion. After giving this some thought, I realised that such a life path is indeed a wonderful and efficient way of enjoying life and meet everyday life commitments. This makes perfect sense to me. However, if you struggle to understand it, just think of a woman turning her passion into her profession. Do you understand in which spirit I present myself to you now? If a golfer can do it, why shouldn’t I!

I could not help myself but wonder what the point is in directing so much time and energy towards something which is of no gratification and no inspiration. Why wouldn’t I much rather pursue a career which brings me pleasure and a good life? I do not think that being a professional companion girlfriend is for everyone. However, for those who feel this suits and for those who like me find pleasure in doing it, I think good luck to them.

Society is simply too quick to judge even things of which they have little understanding on. Perhaps we would have fewer issues on this planet if we were to focus on ourselves, rather than constantly judging others. Just a thought!

As a professional companion, I love to seduce you, make you mine, and show you how much pleasure you make me experience. There is nothing wrong with being a sexual and sensual being. There is nothing wrong with physical and emotional pleasure/tenderness, and for sure, there is nothing wrong with making other people feel good too. I love to know that I make both men and women experience pleasure.

Whenever I receive an invitation from a potential lover I become excited. I begin to think how  I will enjoy my body and yours when together. I begin to think about what I will wear for you and how I will seduce you. In fact, just the thought of it excites me now ;).

If you share my philosophy on pleasures and life, why don’t you contact me? Let’s check my availability! Perhaps we could continue this conversation over a glass of wine and silk sheets ;).

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Your Professional Companion…


Lana Morell xxx…

Professional Companion