Private London Courtesan

Where To Find Private London Courtesan?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

You can find me, as your Private London Courtesan, in Central London. I am conveniently located ten minutes away from all most notorious hotels in the Central London area. If you do not know, Kensington is also very close to Mayfair. Just to name a few, I could visit you even at short notice at the Dorchester Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Metropolitan Hotel, and more. But of course, I will be visiting you also anywhere else in Central London without any problem. I am a Private London Courtesan happy to come to your hotel, even at short notice. If you are looking for genuine, fun, and warm companionship, I am the temporary girlfriend you are looking for. Let’s create a spell in time for us both to cherish.

What To expect When With A Private London Courtesan?

Everything and more is the short answer! During our time you can expect to be at all times with me as a genuine Private London Courtesan. I am a respectful, clean, discrete, truly upscale, educated, easy going, and fun loving young woman. If you are looking for a killer smile, and an accent to die for, on top of beautiful looks and abundance in sophistication, I am the lady for you. Wanna play? ;)…

When together you can expect to be with a willing, warm, and enthusiastic sensual being, with an open mind and lust for life. During our time together it will quickly become obvious that I am a sensual woman who enjoys sensual pleasures, and I never hold back. I love to pleasure you as much as I enjoy being pleasured. Of course, you can expect to be the very focus of my attention. you will become the sole target of my passions.

Do you have something specific in mind that you do not know if I am into or not? Simply reach out to me and let’s explore possibilities… Teas me ;). The best way to do this is by filling the contact form. This will let me know that you are serious about meeting and it will tell me all I need to know to make an informed decision. Please rest assured that I will only agree to a specific request if I genuinely enjoy it and I genuinely know I can provide you with that experience.

Private London Courtesan Conclusion:

If you happen to be in the London area and are looking to visit a lady for a spell in time of sublime pleasures, or if you would like to reach you at your Mayfair Lux hotel, simply contact me. I am a warm soul, easy to approach, with passion for life and love for humanity. Just say hi and let’s take it from there. I am organized, efficient, and reliable. With me, you will not experience either disappointment or a letdown. Please do come into my virtual world and find out more about your potential upscale escort. I am already so close…


Your Private London Courtesan


Lana Morell xxx…