The Exclusive Independent Companion Philanthropy


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Allow me to start by saying that any expression of generosity and appreciation on your part, are never expected, yet generously rewarded. The Exclusive Independent Companion Philanthropy experience is something which I can’t help but to feel seduced by. The idea of a man who not only arranges a date with me but also takes the time to find that little special something especially for me, simply arouses me. Putting the thought and effort to come up with a gift which will express his appreciation for giving him/us a pleasurable time well above the ordinary is true romance.

Again, a gesture of philanthropy is not expected, but if you are the giving kind, allow me to make your life just a little easier by sharing some of my preferences. Of course, you are not restricted to the list below. If you prefer to be more adventurous and gift me something different, I will be equally excited/grateful. In fact, I will admit that at times I prefer what other people gift me than what I would have picked for myself.

Gifts Ideas…


Candles & Diffusers

Jo Malone


Victoria Cator

Parfumes & Body Oils

Chanel n5 Eau De Parfum


Spa Day/Vouchers

Corinthia Hotel

Bulgari Hotel

Connaught Hotel

The Mondrian Hotel


Roses Only



Delicious Bites For Two



Fortnum And Mason

Hair Make Over Voucher

Hare & Bone

On this page now, you have a comprehensive list of gifts ideas for either just me or for us both to enjoy during our time together perhaps. This is my Exclusive Independent Companion Philanthropy gift list.

I know it can be overwelming the feeling of wanting to please a loved one or one to be loved in this case ;). I hope this will help you to at least build up an idea as to the things I prefer.

Fàilte gu làrach-lìn co-aoiseach neo-eisimeileach mo charaid


Your Loving Companion…


Lana Morell xxx…

Lana Morell Exclusive Independent Companion Philanthropy