London Escort Guide

The Real London Escort Guide:


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Are you visiting London and hope to find suitable companionship with a genuine and adequate London Escort Guide? Perhaps you already live in London and wish to begin a new journey of adventures and sensual pleasures.

My name is Lana Morell and it would be my pleasure but rest assured also yours if I had the opportunity be your dedicated and loving London Escort Guide.

London is a big and busy city. Some people would go as far as calling London a crazy place… I call it fabulous… and a little crazy yes ;), but in a good way! One thing is true of course, is that one can lose himself easily when looking for the perfect London Escort Guide. Yes, there is a lot on offer. Yet it is true that quantity doesn’t ensure quality. If this is true, how to avoid disappointment?

Do your research, think, evaluate, and ask yourself, does the independent escort website I am looking at feel well thought of? Does the lady in the photos look happy? Am I getting the impression that the lady I am evaluating is willingly and happily providing? And also, does the lady I am interested in taking pride in what she does? All of these questions can be answered by simply looking at someone’s website, be it an escorting website or anything else.

I love what I do, and I take immense pride in what I do. I strive to make long-lasting friendships with whom to create over and over again wonderful memories for us both to cherish.

I am a lady of pleasures and I am proud of it! I live my life seeking intensity and avoiding regrets… Do you? Passion, intensity, pleasure… call me crazy but I exist to live in the here and now with no fear of tomorrow and no resentment for the present. I look at tomorrow with excitement and anticipation and experience today with contentment and satisfaction. Can you say the same?

Please understand that I am not trying to make you jealous. I am simply trying to make you mine by giving you a taste of what I am all about. Should I have succeeded and you now wanted a taste of me ;), please click here!


Your London Escort Guide…


The only one you will ever need!


Lana Morell xxx…

London Escort Guide