London Courtesan

What Makes A London Courtesan Special?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As a London Courtesan, I love to present myself at all times in an elegant, refined, yet slightly understated manner. My style is both unequivocal and tasteful. I consider my persona to be impactful, yet gentle and feminine. There are many London Courtesan out there. Yet only some understand the power of understated elegance. Even fewer of these ladies understand how important it is to have a warm, genuine, and considerate nature. The way we behave will shape the way others experience us. This interestingly enough is true even when it comes to our appearance.

Londoner Courtesans are not known to turn all heads the moment they enter a crowded room. The appeal of a brunette independent courtesan is much more subtle and long-lasting. When I go out, I seek to receive only the right and appropriate amount of attention. I strive to compliment you, not shadow you, or even overpower the environment. This is true when it comes to my appearance and looks, as well as my manners and attitude toward others, including yourself.

I propose myself to you as a warm, friendly, bubbly, kind, sensual, sexy, and passionate lady, who wishes to steal with you, spells in time for lustful sins from time to time. I come with a small ego, yet with a well defined, and confident personality. If you feel I am the kind of girl you are looking for, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to prepositions to meet for short or longer dates, here in London or anywhere in the world for that matter. I like to think and always strive to be the best brunette courtesan.

If you like what you are seeing and reading so far, I invite you to explore my blog to learn more about me. If you then decide to go ahead and contact me, please check my availability page first.

Faʻafeiloaʻi i laʻu 'upega tafaʻilagi tumaoti tutoatasi


Your London Courtesan…


Lana Morell xxx…

London Courtesan