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I am very fortunate to be able to offer a high-end experience as an independent escort Kensington, in an equally up-scale location right in Central London. However, I would like you to take the time to explore all my locations options for Central London so that you can find the solution best suited to you. Please note that all my locations pages are for Central London only., with the exception of my international page. However, should you wish to discuss my potential visit to you outside the given boundaries, simply make contact with me.

Location information: Independent Escort Kensington…

I am conveniently located in Kensington, which is part of Central London if you do not know London very well. Please visit all my other locations sub pages to learn all the options available for us to date. If you wish to come to me, please visit my Kensington & Chelsea page, so that you can learn how to reach my location in the most convenient way to you…

The City of London is amazing! Living here in Central London is what I call perfection. I am so conveniently located, I could not ask for any better. If you wish to reach me from Westminster, you should know that I am literally just next door to you. Here a list of tube stations/subways super close to me:


  1. Knightsbridge
  2. High Street Kensington
  3. Gloucester Road
  4. Earls Court
  5. Kensington Olympia
  6. Hyde Park Corner
  7. South Kensington
  8. Notting Hill
  9. Holland Park
  10. Sloan Square
  11. Old Brompton Road

There are 6 tube lines available for you to reach me from any other part of London. Chances are, you will not even need to change train to reach me. In Central London the tube is so good that as an experience one could compare it to shopping… just pick your colour and you will be in Kensington in the blink of an eye! ;). Green, yellow, blue…Love does tube line colours!

I truly hope I haven’t left anything out. Of course, should you have any further question regarding my locations feel free to ask. Otherwise, this independent escort Kensington is looking forward to being relaxing with you, over a glass of chilled wine ;).

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