How to Gift High End Independent Courtesan Largesses?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Please understand that this page is not intended to suggest that I expect such gifts. When we date I never expect any largesses of any kind. However, any gesture of appreciation by you expressed will be handsomely rewarded. This and the other gifts page is meant to help you pick the right gift, should you feel you really want to spoil me. Buying a gift for a woman is hard enough. This is even more so when the lady in question is someone you see from time to time.

Personally, I think the only time it is easy to pick the right gift for another person, is when the other person lives with you. This is the only way to subtly pick up ideas as to may be needed or simply most wanted. You know, a magazine left open, a trip to a shop specifically to look at an item. Clues can be given much more easily and subtly in this way.

So, since there is no other way for you to learn about things I like, I might as well let you know with the help of his indulgences page. Once again, no gifts are ever expected. Please believe me as I do not want you to feel you have to bring a gift when we date. This is not at all the case. This page is only intended to help you, should you really want to bring a gift when we next date. This is all there is to this page.


Hand Bags

Chanel Flap Bag Classic

Jimmy Choo


Gianvito Rossi



ברוכים הבאים צו מיין עליטע פרייַ וועבזייטל

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