International VIP Companion for Worldwide Travels…


Dear Pleasure Seeker,


I am a London based International VIP Companion, and independent Worldwide courtesan, willing and able to travel Globally with you or to meet you. At times, even at short notice if you require me to do so and if we have met at least once before. As an International temporary girlfriend of high level, I am always passport ready and well aware of the importance of being strategically located in the eventuality of International rendezvous somewhere on this planet.

Or in case you land at Heathrow for one night only and are unable to sleep due to jetlag, I could be with you in the blink of an eye. I could help you to adjust to this time zone ;). I know how jet lag feels like, having been a savvy traveller myself for some years, yet in a different context. Being in London makes travelling internationally and transcontinentally very easy indeed.


Conveniencies and Possibilities for us…


Being conveniently located halfway between The City Of London and Heathrow Airport, yet in the luxurious surroundings of Kensington & Chelsea, I am able to join you wherever you may be in the world or simply in the City of London:

  1. I can easily reach Heathrow Airport or City Airport and jump on a flight which will take me to you almost anywhere in the world. A taxi ride from my place to Heathrow or City Airport is just thirty minutes.
  2. Or perhaps reach Heathrow or City Airport and… well, I simply join you for the night or just stay for dinner.
  3. Alternatively, if you are already attending meetings in the City Of London or Westminster during your stay, I could meet you there at your hotel.
  4. If your flight got in late and you found yourself much too busy to arrange a date with me at your arrival, you could stop by at my luxurious Kensington & Chelsea residence for a few hours of pleasure, before continuing your journey to Heathrow and beyond. I am located right between the City Of London and Heathrow Terminal 1,2,3,4, and 5, remember, next door to Westminster, and pleasantly placed in the middle of Kensington & Chelsea. Pure bliss if you ask me.
  5. Perhaps the scenario is different. Perhaps we are both residing in Central London and both wish to go International together. I am up for it! Let’s discuss an action plan, and make our way together to what I am sure will be an incredible overseas location for a lustful adventure.


Travel Conclusion Of Your International VIP Companion:


If you are considering inviting me to join you somewhere International, then you may benefit from knowing that already being myself a well-traveled person, I need very little attending to. I am independent, reliable, and worldly. I am self-sufficient and being or making my way to the other end of the planet does not intimidate me at all. In fact, just the thought of it excites me.

Also, I hope you will enjoy the cute video below. If you like watching them, please hold in mind that I also post videos of myself from time to time, on my video page. And don’t forget to view my portfolio page! Enjoy 😉



Your Pleasure Pursuer…

& International VIP Companion…

Lana Morell xxx…


Lana Morell International VIP Companion