Independent Morning Time Escort

How To Schedule Independent Morning Time Escort:


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As far as I know, usually independent escorts do not schedule any dates before 12 pm. But this Independent Morning Time Escort is all up for a morning flag wave! if you are “up”, I am too! ;). So, you are a morning pleasure seeker and wish there were ladies who share your morning passion, yet it is proving to be a tat difficult to reach them first thing in the morning.

As your always wanting Independent Morning Time Escort, I personally love and adore a morning date! I simply cannot think of a better way to start the day. So yes, even if it costs me a little beauty sleep, I will be up and radiant for you even at 7 am! I am a very determined and focused pleasure pursuer after all ;).

How best to arrange with an Independent Morning Time Escort?

The best way to ensure you will be able to date your chosen Independent Morning Time Escort, in this case, me, is to schedule the day before. Please do contact me the day before either by filling in the booking form or calling and we will ensure that our 7 am sensual date will be set in stone before down.

It is very important to arrange a date the day before. think about it this way, this is a date like any other. Would you suddenly call your girlfriend and tell her that you are going out right now? Nop, she will tell you that hair and makeup do not agree and she will turn her back to you and go back to sleep.

Well, our date is a date like any others, or actually by far more superior in its intensity and quality! Of course, I need to plan ahead and make sure I look my best for you my lovely darling! Don’t you want me to be perfect for you? As your Independent Morning Time Escort, I love to take my morning coffee to the bathroom where I start with a wonderfully hot shower and then cover myself is scented creams and perfume to make myself even more irresistible to you ;). I then apply a little gentle makeup, do my hair, and begin setting the atmosphere in the bedroom and around the property, so that when you arrive, everything is perfect. I want you to sense how horny and sensual I feel in the morning and setting the right atmosphere, helps me achieve just that.

As you can see I am an into the detail kind of girl. You will never have me rolling me out of bed just to let you in and expect you to be as aroused as a bull! You can trust I will make you want me so bad that your climax will be like the Hawaiian volcano by the end of our time together!


Your Independent Morning Time Escort


Lana Morell xxx…

Independent Morning Time Escort