Independent English Escort

What Makes A Date With An Independent English Escort Special?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As someone who has spent my entire adult life in England and having a tat of Scotish in me (who would have thought, mum never told me about that lol), I consider myself to be one of them. Therefore I also feel qualified to explain the advantages of meeting a British lady at heart. First of all the language. Obviously, an English person, or someone who has spent her entire adult life in this country, will not present herself with language difficulties. This, of course, ensures that you will not experience moments of awkwardness. This is true be it a dinner date or simply a few pleasurable hours together. Either way, I am sure that you appreciate a little chat at first to break the ice and set the mood. This can only happen with some affinity, and affinity cannot exist without flawless communication.

I think it is also fair for what I know so far, that an independent English escort, or someone who consider this country to be her home, is most luckily able to have a more stable and pleasant set up for herself. This also means that you will experience a batter incall location when visiting me. I am based in London (Kensington) and I am fortunate enough to be able to host in a lovely apartment.

There is more to this. If you are looking for someone special to you to establish a connection and develop a long-lasting friendship, for sure you need someone who is put in London, not someone transiting through. Being based in London enables me to create a long-term special and romantic friendship with you. In fact, this is very much what I am hoping for. I simply love the idea to connect with you before experiencing lustful moments.

If you are in love with the English accent, we must date! Every time I go to the USA people assume I am British. This is true because of my accent and also because of my mannerism in part. The only thing I never enjoyed is tea strangely enough. I tried all kinds but nothing. I am a coffee person and always will be. Other than that, I can deliver a very British affair, should this be what you are seeking ;).

If you are intrigued and wish to learn more about me, beside my self-declared title as an independent English escort, please visit my homepage, my about page, and perhaps my blog, should you be in the mood for it.


Your loving independent British escort…


Lana Morell xxx…

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