What makes Gentlemen Pick A Independent GFE Escort?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

This is probably one of the best questions I have come across online as an Independent GFE Escort myself. I don’t think anyone is more qualified to answer this question than hobbyists themselves. However, as second best qualified to answer, I will try to do just this, to the very best of my abilities. So, why do men choose Independent GFE Escorts, when selecting the right lady and the right experience for the little free time they have to enjoy?

Nothing Is More Intimate Than Independent GFE Escort

Is it true that no other escorts experiences are as personal and intimate as the experienced provided by Independent GFE Escorts? I would say that this is correct unless you are a BDSM man. In this article to aim which is to explain why the popularity of the girlfriend experience, I specifically refer to “vanilla men”. A vanilla man is best described, even if loosely, as a fetish free man. Are you a vanilla boy? Let me know in the comment box below ;).

Back to the topic of the degree of intimacy with a professional girlfriend. Yes, the whole idea of spending time with an Independent GFE Escort like myself is that it is a much more intimate experience which involves far more than physical elements. Some would go as far as saying that if an independent escort chooses to specialise as a GFE (girlfriend escort), she most luckily enjoys what she does as her job.

The Point Of View Of An Independent GFE Escort

Is it true at all? Personally, I would say definitely yes! I love what I do, which is exactly why I keep it focused, rather than spreading myself thin, if you know what I mean. I very much enjoy meeting new people, building up a relationship, learning what they like and do not like, and the very same is true the other way around. Another quality of the GFE experience which as an independent escort I very much enjoy is that it involves a huge amount of intimacy. Closeness does not scare me, and I am for sure not allergic to affection. In fact, I would confess that I am a little starved myself at present… But I would only admit that if I wasn’t so proud ;). What more is there to add? What more is possibly there to add! To me, this is enough to motivate and focus myself as an Independent GFE Escort and more! What do you have to say about the GFE experience?


Your Independent GFE Escort…


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