Independent Escort Tantric Massage

Searching For A Specific Independent Escort Tantric Massage?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

You found me! I am a specialised independent escort tantric massage. I am a trained masseuse who enjoys all kinds of carnal pleasure. Why compromise if you can have both! If you haven’t had a tantric massage including a complete experience yet, you haven’t lived. It is that good!

Carnal pleasures are of course wonderful and indeed one of the few recognised pleasures in life. However, the sensual built up to it that we will experience during our time together, through a tantric specialist massage, makes the whole experience by far superior.

I am an intimacy lover. I have always been and I will always be. The level of intimacy and feeling of connectedness we will experience as our bodies feel each other, is unique. the sensations and spasms our bodies will go through will be both tantalising and memorable.

The touching, sliding, feeling, and holding of our bodies will take us both to a higher level. A level at which pure ecstasy is experienced and sublime passion are forever ingrained in our souls. You will experience feelings, sensations you may not have experienced so far.

If you already know about the power of tantric massage but haven’t head the opportunity to experience it yet, because you couldn’t find the right independent escort for this unique and truly special experience, do not despair. You found me now :).

I am a talented, dedicated, genuine, and loving, independent escort for tantric massage. A tantric massage is one of the types of dates I enjoy the most, and admittedly one of the types of dates satisfies me in depts as I make sure I satisfy you with it.

What I love the most about tantric massage are the sensations my skin and my body feels. I love the touching, the slow and sensual motions of our bodies and watching you experience the very same. I love the way desire, intensity, and passion built up as we are getting closer to the explosion of pure ecstasy.


Your Pleasure Pursuer & tantric massage goddess…


Lana Morell xxx…

Independent Escort Tantric Massage