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Dear Pleasure Seeker,

The common idea is that an independent escort Kensington was just that little bit more educated, polite, compassionate, physically beautiful and talented in her abilities. This was true and still is. Her abilities did not only include bringing pleasure to others. It also meant that a gentleman would feel as if he is with an actual girlfriend, even if a temporary. In this day and age, however, it takes so much more than what I have just described. If you are looking for a beautiful and classy “courtesan” then you just found her…

I know this to some readers will sound like me stretching it quite a bit when saying that to be a successful independent escort Kensington it requires some serious talent. Well, remember the days when people used to laugh at Kim Kardashian saying that she was huge, yet no talent? Well, who is laughing now!? It turns out she is actually really good at what she does, which turned out to be her talent. The only fault with that was that they did not have a name and category for it at the time. Yet it still is a talent. But they do have a category for it now.

We, as independent escorts Kensington also require to have some sort of talent to be able to be in such demanding part of London, which incredibly high standards. Each one of us has a different talent. Some are great at the one-hour appointment, some are best suited to entertain for longer, such as dinner-dates, overnights, or even for a weekend. I met a lady who said she was a greek goddess and that is all she does.

Personally, I like to establish a meaningful connection with you. For this reason, I am naturally best suited for longer dates, although I think that a short date to get to know each other first, is not a bad idea at all, should that make you feel more comfortable. Once we click and we start enjoying our time together, I will be very much open to all sorts to be blunt. In fact, should you wish to “educate me” starting our first date, I will probably agree to it. Part of the reason for me starting this new lifestyle is that I want to have new experiences. I love the idea of us exploring things together, or simply enjoying our date. For that matter, I don’t actually consider myself an escort. I see myself more as a temporary girlfriend.

A Kensington Independent Invitation:

If my preference and inclination are something appealing to you, or if you simply find my website and what I share with you of interest, please do make contact. It would be wonderful to establish a new and exciting friendship for immensely pleasurable spells of time. On the other hand, if you prefer to learn a little more about me, as an independent escort Kensington before you take that step, please do take the time to read my blog page.


Your Kensington Darling…


Lana Morell xxx…