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Let me, as your Independent Escort Ingram Avenue, start with a few interesting facts about this superior area.

Together with Winnington Road, Ingram Avenue is named after Arthur Winnington-Ingram, who as Bishop of London owned much of the surrounding area following a land grant in 704. Most of the land was sold privately in the early 20th century, and today only one house on the road is owned by the Church (46, The Bishops Avenue) and a nearby residential home.

The Ingram Avenue is home to monarchs, business magnates, and celebrities. Owners of houses on the street include the Sultan of Brunei and members of the House of Bolkiah, publisher and newspaper magnate Richard Desmond, art collector and philanthropist Poju Zabludowicz, industrialist Lakshmi Mittal, and property tycoon Andy Panayiotou.

Former residents of the street have included Sir Billy Butlin, Dame Gracie Fields, Katie Boyle, Sir Peter Saunders (producer of the play The Mousetrap), the businessmen Asil Nadir and Emil Savundra and Heather Mills (the former wife of Paul McCartney), who owned an apartment there. Ten of the houses on the street owned by the House of Saud were sold for £73 million.

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Should you decide you wish to give us both a chance, kindly take the time to familiarise a little more with my little virtual home. You might find the FAQ page, availability page, the etiquette page particularly useful and informative. Once you are fully satisfied I am the courtesan you wish to meet, feel free to contact me.


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