Independent Escort

How To Be A Real Independent Escort:


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

To be a real Independent Escort, meaning no agencies or any third party involved at all, is a challenging goal to hold in mind and to pursue. Many ladies begin this journey thinking it will be a great and easy adventure, just to quickly fade after 6 months or so.

Well, I am still here and I am not planning to go anywhere ;). For me, this is proving to be a wonderful adventure indeed. Your shown appreciation for our time together humbles me, and your loyalty warms my heart.

But how can a woman become a truly successful and 100% independent escort? The answer is through patience, dedication on holding one standard and code of conduct high. Yes, my darling, there are no shortcuts, there are no miracles, and for sure, there aren’t any God sent gifts if you know what I mean.

I personally find that my passion and dedication for my chosen adult entertainment path is something which is quickly picked up on and valued to a great extend. I also find that my having high standards for both myself and my date, is also very much appreciated it. In fact, it very much seems to be a shared view and aproach in life in general.

I think that when you love what you do, you are naturally destined to succeed, no matter how competitive your chosen path may be. Passion transcends barriers. don’t you agree?

Mine is a passion not only for carnal pleasures, but for something bigger and better. The kind of passion I have for you, and experience is a passion for life, humanity, adventure, and does special connections one can establish with the other, without necessarily having to move in together. We could describe it as time contained, yet intense pleasure. Not bad if you think about it ;).

The multitude kinds of interactions possible between two human beings are by far superior to what most realise to be in fact possible. When on a date I strive to connect intellectually, spiritually, practically, emotionally, and physically, as your dedicated Independent Escort.

If you like what you see and what you have read so far, and if you are genuinely looking for something genuinely special, do contact me.


Your Sensual Independent Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…