Let’s talk Independent DFK Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

I am an Independent DFK Escort because I enjoy and love kissing. If you ask me, nothing sets the mood more than two people ready for pleasure games, than a good French kiss. Yes, I mean it!  You didn’t believe me when I wrote a blog page on how romantic I am? Well, you should have, because I meant it!

I wouldn’t offer and heavily promote a GFE experience as an independent escort if I did not like deep French kissing. See, the way it raps up in my mind is as follow: you come, we had a little chat over a nice glass of wine, a soft touch, a soft kiss, more kisses, and passionate kissing. the rest I will leave to your wild imagination.

As an Independent DFK Escort, I very much see kissing as a form of foreplay, a way to build up lust, and sexual interest. I would go as far as saying that deep French kissing is more intimate and therefore arousing than other more explicit sensual/sexual acts. If you can think of something more pleasurable than me kissing you as you run your hand all over my D cup,  and I feel your excitement all over, do let me know, because I simply cannot come up with anything better than that! Just thinking about it arouses me. Don’t you believe me? I wish you were here to check for yourself how excited writing about this makes me.

A cold drink, a nice chat, a caress, a touch, more closeness, and that very first kiss. It starts slow and gentle, yet I feel your hands going everywhere… You can feel my hands exploring… My hands explore deeper as you kiss me harder… I think my dress just came off, yet I am not sure how. I can’t resist, and before you know it I am on top of you just so that I can feel your manly excitement… Feeling your excitement excites me even more… Let’s go next door, I want to know you better, more upclose ;)…

These are just some of my likes, fantasies, enjoyments. Do you like what you have read so far and would like to feel that way with me? We could! Just say hi and lets see how we get on. I would love to make you mine!


Your Independent DFK Escort


Lana Morell xxx…

Lana Morell Exclusive Independent Escort