Independent Courtesan Knightsbridge

How To Define A Independent Courtesan Knightsbridge?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

When I am asked to define an Independent Courtesan Knightsbridge, the answer comes easy. A bit like me ;).Let’s hope Google will not slap my hand for a bit of naughty humour here.

Self Definition Of This Independent Courtesan Knightsbridge:

Brace yourself! (just joking). I’m a sincere and highly compassionate companion for fantastic moments of intrigue, passion, and excitement. Articulate, sensual & elegant, I am comfortable in social or intimate settings of most kinds. I enjoy fine dining by candlelight, a night in town private nightclubs, cocktail hour, or very special morning wakeup calls.

I’m very sweet, and bubbly. I make an excellent companion for any occasion or just a more private encounter behind closed doors. I’m a very sensual and passionate girl who enjoys the company of fine gentlemen. I cater only to you because I know you are a man of very high standards and therefore I know already we have something in common. View my Stats!

You can expect me impeccably dressed and always in sexy lingerie when requested and when I am in the mood for it (which is always ;)… Available to mature well groomed, respectful, and generous gentlemen, I provide you with the choices of both visiting me at my upscale residence in Knightsbridge, and I am equally happy to visit you at your Central London Hotel.

My preference is select & limit the amount of entertainment I provide, to ensure high quality and a long-lasting friendship. I have high standards when it comes to agreeing to a date. They must be of an elite class that respects women. Please be a gentleman. Of course, I imagine you to have equally high standards for yourself and respectfully oblige ;).

If you passing through Knightsbridge or plan a trip to London, contact me so we can set something up.

It would be wonderful to get together somewhere in the West End part of London. Or I will just wait for you at my upscale luxury home in Knightsbridge. I am a great host as well as a wonderful independent courtesan as per my newfound vocation.


Your Independent Courtesan Knightsbridge …


Lana Morell xxx…