Independent Courtesan Heathrow Terminal 4

Meet Independent Courtesan Heathrow Terminal 4!


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

You might think that there is nothing to do hen stack at an airport for half of a day and or overnight. well, not if the airport is Heathrow! As your Independent Courtesan Heathrow Terminal 4 of choice, allow me to enlighten you to just some of the few Heathrow delights.

An upscale Date At Heathrow?

To have a 5-star romantic date at Heathrow airport is not only possible, but also very easy! first of all, let us discuss accommodations. At terminal five there is the Sofitel which is known for having fantastic service is conveniently located close to very much needed terminals and check-in desks, and a great Spa with a wonderful reputation. I once tried the 24hrs Spa day option and it was divine! if you think is already good enough, then brace yourself, because T4 has more for your luxury palate! How about a 5-star restaurant right next to the lift to your floor? Yes baby, a few steps at Heathrow T4 will provide you with 5-star accommodation, 5-star dining, and if you wanted me to join you 5-star companionship. Not bad after A Spa morning perhaps ;).

Furthermore, if you have spear time due to a meeting cancellation, and you have a couple of hours to wait before I will be with you, why not indulge in some luxury shopping? What are you into, suits, whiskey, cigars? You name it and they have it!

Conclusion Of Independent Courtesan Heathrow Terminal 4:

Now you know why I am more than happy to join you for a night to remember, perhaps not in the most obvious of places. Btw, did I say that I am literally 30 minutes away from Heathrow? It just does not get any better than this!


Your Independent Courtesan Heathrow Terminal 4…


Lana Morell xxx…