Independent Courtesan City of London

When Independent Courtesan City of London Visits You…

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Welcome to my virtual home. My name is Lana Morell and I am an Independent Courtesan City of London. If you are reading this page, you are probably looking for upscale companionship with an above the ordinary type of lady. Do not worry, as I think you just found her ;). But now that you found me, you are probably wondering how to go ahead and make it happen. Please read on as I will provide you with clear guidance on how to manage just that.

How to Approach Your Independent Courtesan City of London

Please understand that having our contact details online means we receive a lot of unwanted communication from what we call time wasters. A time waster is a person who would just call us, trying to get as much as our time for free as possible. This could be as simple as a fake booking, or a sad attempt to engage us in a sexy talk. Yes, this is why we handle phonecall in a strict manner. So please don’t be mad at me, but be mad at them (the time wasters).

This is why I recommend that when you call you sound professional, and follow my lead, rather than imposing yours. In this case, you are dealing with an Independent Courtesan City of London who has invested a substantial amount of time writing a lot of text just so that you have as much information and as much of a feel of my personality as you might need, and probably more.

Having said that, don’t worry, as soon as I will be with you, I will warm up and I will be as sweet and cosy as a hot chocolate ;). I am of a very friendly, bubbly, warm, and caring nature. I like to relax and have fun, and I like to see you doing the very same.

Ok, now we have scheduled our date. And now what? Relax, it will be fantastic! I was about to write great, but then I would have felt as if I am D. Trump lol. Anyway, all you need to do is to make sure practicalities are taken care of and that the envelope is readily available at my arrival, and the rest is just little extras to create the perfect atmosphere. What are the extras? No big deal. Perhaps some sensual/romantic music, soft lighting (candles or simply adjusted lighting), a nice bottle of bubbles or wine, and of course you!

Now, I know I am coming to your hotel or home and that we might simply stay in for a few hours. But it is true that it still is a date. Before I make my way to you, I make myself as beautiful and as desirable as I can. It is only natural you do the same for me. Make me want you from the moment I walk through the door… It is a date afterall!

Final Tips Of Independent Courtesan City of London

During our time together be a gentleman and understand that I prefer to be treated as a lady and as your temporary lover. It is true that I am a professional, a very talented one. Yet I do not like to be treated like that, in the same way, I am sure you wouldn’t like our time together to feel mechanical and transactional. Again, let’s just remind yourself that our, is like an actual date, a very romantic one :). I guess what I am saying with this post is that you set the tone. I adjust the rydom ;).

If you agree with the way I feel about dating, please do get intouch and tell me what you have in mind :).

Your Independent Courtesan City of London

Lana Morell xxx…