Independent British Courtesan

The Dilemma: Independent British Courtesan

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

The dilemma of an Independent British Courtesan is, how British does one get? The short answer is as British as one wants it to be. It is true that nowadays the word British assumes various meanings, depending on the context. At this point, you may ask yourself how British am I?

Having spent my entire adult life in Britain, and being myself a British passport holder, I consider myself to be as British as they come, just with an accent to spice things up. Would you like to know more?

I am Western European, yet I consider London to be home. I know this country by far more than I know any other country on this planet. Yet I do still face situations in which I am asked since I am half and half, which half is what. I will admit I have always struggled with this kind of question since I am not sure what the question is actually asking and what I am expected to answer. I mean what I am I supposed to answer, the bottom part? Jokes to one site. A sense of Britishness nowadays has assumed a myriad of meanings.

Each and every one of these meanings is a very personal matter to each and every one of us. I would say this is true for does who are of a different ethnic background, yet they were borne and raised here, for a British person who is British and was born and raised here, and for a foreign like me, who was half raised in the UK, yet still has a little bit of a leftover accent.

As an Independent British Courtesan I consider myself to be well integrated in the UK, since England is my home. My ways, and also the way I am used to thinking, are very much British. This is precisely why I feel confident when promoting a very British affair as an Independent British Courtesan. Should you be up to experience a British style date with a sensual lady with an accent to die for and Mediterranean looks, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.


Your Independent British Courtesan…

Lana Morell xxx…

Independent British Courtesan