High Street Kensington Courtesan

The High Street Kensington Courtesan Desires…


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As summer is approaching, I feel more and more some kind of urges… As a High Street Kensington Courtesan, I cannot help but fantasise about Kensington Gardens, the ideal place for a romantic picnic and frolics. Rather naughty of me I know. Then again, I do not expect you to complain about such urges any time soon ;).

Here we are, another year, another summer, and more summery feminine and sensual urges. would you care to assist a lady in need? Afterall, if a gentleman can’t help then whats there for me to do!? Women? Possibly.

A walk in the park, inhaling lavender fragrances and allowing the sun to kiss me all over is the recipe for a perfect Sunday afternoon. Finally, the sun is out and nature is awakening me all over again… How lustfull of me, I know!

This afternoon I went for a stroll in Kensington Garden using the High Street Kensington entrance, the one next to the Royal Garden Hotel. It felt magnificent and inspiring. So, when I returned home this evening, I decided to write a suggestion or a proposal (proposal sounds so serious!). I would like to suggest that you and I go for a picnic date in Kensington Gardens. Not bad for a High Street Kensington Courtesan, eh ;). A stroll in the park, brunch in nature, and frolics where the grass is high… maybe next time the sun won’t be the only one to kiss me! What do you say?!

Perhaps the manner in which I have articulated myself on this page is somewhat joking and a little funny/provocative. But what I was really after, was the provocative bit! So, may I provoke you to invite me for an extremely romantic picnic date in Kensington Gardens?

I suggest to get lunch to go for two  at Nama or any other nibbles suggestions on my philanthropy page, a blanket, and we head out to the park to see what the day brings… We could make it so exciting! would you like to be excited with me?


Your Sensual High Street Kensington Courtesan…

Lana Morell xxx…