Green Eyes Escort

I am the Green Eyes Escort Of Your Dreams!


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

If you are looking for a brunette green-eyed escort, look no further, I am here! I am a beautiful brunette, a deep dark green eyes escort who wishes to make your dreams come true.

Imagine me laying on the bed, breathing heavily in anticipation of what is to come… You, leaning over me, gently running your hand along my body, feeling my smooth and soft skin, as you gaze into my deep dark green eyes… Dreams can come true!

I was told that my bedroom green eyes are irresistible. Would you like to come and find out for yourself? I am inviting you. Yes, I am inviting you to experience a world of sinful pleasures… my world! A world of fantasy eroticism, sensuality, and shameless passion… Can you feel my desire? I am burning with passion!

Come to me, whisper sensual words into my ears, look into my eyes, feel my body… My name is Lana Morell, and I make your pleasure, my business! I love what I do, and I simply want more of it! Can you blame me?!

I cannot think of a better vocation in life than a job that allows me to both feel amazing and to also make you feel amazing! Being rewarded to cum with you is something that I still don’t quite understand, yet arouses me immensely.

If you wonder, yes, I went to Catholic school… isn’t that where the best come from?! ;). You and I know the answer to this one. I say this with pride. I honestly cannot think of a better vocation in life that gives you an insane amount of pleasure, enables you to make other feel great, and rewards well. Why on earth anyone even has a problem with escorting?! Perhaps this unconventional yet wonderful world is too powerful in its nature to allow…


Your Green Eyes Escort…

Lana Morell xxx… 

Green Eyes Escort