GFE Independent Escort

What Is A GFE Independent Escort?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

A GFE independent escort is a woman like myself, who is capable and willing to be your most loving girlfriend. This means that when we are together, it will feel exactly like being with a girlfriend, just if a temporary one. To be a desirable and successful independent GFE escort, a woman needs to feel good and comfortable in her own skin, to begin with. A genuine elite GFE experience can only be provided if the lady of your choice is truly up to it. I enjoy it and I enjoy all aspects of it. The physical and emotional intimacy I experience as a GFE is something I love and crave for…

Some people would say that kissing someone is a much more intimate act than sex itself. I agree with that statement. I find that kissing is by far much more intimate in its nature. In fact, I would add that kissing, caressing, touching are by far more intimate than the actual act in itself. This to me, are all aspects/qualities which make the temporary girlfriend experience so appealing as an independent escort.

I feel it is important that a connection is established. I like the initial nervousness you and I experience before meeting face to face for the first time. I also like the flirting before carnal pleasures can begin, and I for sure like to know that you and I are having a truly sensual quality time together. In fact, if there was a word to embody all a GFE experience represents to me as an independent escort, would for sure be “quality”. There is nothing wrong with two consenting adults cuddling and holding each other. And there is nothing wrong with two people agreeing to steal a spell in time, to create wonderful memories.

My Independent Girlfriend Experience

I am inviting you to be my temporary boyfriend, be it for a couple of hours, a dinner-date, or perhaps a night long dream, you decide. I want nothing more than a spell in time with you to show you what it can be like. You and I together can create something truly magnificent. Magical experiences are not impossible and do exist! Yet it is true that it takes two to make them happen. I am prepared and willing to give you my very best, hundred percent of me as a whole. I do not offer you an act, but I am offering you the opportunity to experience and enjoy the whole of me.

I am also happy to provide the right setting if you wish to come to mine, or I can reach you anywhere you are in Central London and far beyond, should you need me to. I mean, how often do you have a woman telling you I would travel worldwide for you?! ;).


Your Pleasure Pursuer and GFE Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…

Lana Morell Independent Escort Kensington