Gentleman’s Club Courtesan

The Gentleman’s Club Courtesan!

The aim of this website, to which I am dedicating a substantial amount of my time, is to create not just a club, but the Gentleman’s Club Courtesan! What do I mean by it? I am not out there for the many. I am proposing myself to a selected few. My aim is to create an intimate gents club to who to cater from time to time as your favorite and most splendid Courtesan. I seek to be your sensual intimate courtesan, and I want to invite you to become a member. If you are looking for a very low volume independent courtesan to spend some real quality time with from time to time, or perhaps on regular bases, I would love to hear from you!

I cannot think of anything better than having a group of a selected few to whom to spend time with. What about you? I will never make you feel rush, or unwanted, or else. Each and every one of our dates to be will be relaxed, unrushed, of quality and intensity, and unique. My focus is you and nothing else, during our time together. This, of course, can only be achieved if I create an intimate and cozy Gentleman’s Club to whom I am the favorite Courtesan if not the only companion. Does this sounds appealing to you?

If this concept appeals to you, then I would love it if you were to make contact with me! We can start by getting to know each other, and if we heat it off, perhaps we can make it a regular thing. Each and every one of our dates will be of the highest quality. I will treat our date with utmost discretion, respect, and consideration. Should there be anything you are not sure about, simply reach out and I will clarify it to the very best of my abilities.

Your Gentleman’s Club Courtesan planner…

 Lana Morell xxx…

Gentleman’s Club Courtesan