Foot Fetish Escort

Why A Foot Fetish Escort?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Some may wonder why contacting a Foot Fetish Escort in the first place, and not simply go to an escort. Being a Foot Fetish Escorts isn’t as easy as one may think. An escort diving into the foot fetish world needs to have the above average looking feet and this alone is rare to find.

As for myself, I was once approached by an agent you effectively hired me to have my feets featured in a foot cream commercial. Now, this is as good as it gets in terms of foot fetish specialist credentials.

Most people perhaps underestimate the power of beautiful feet. To some, beautiful feet is enough to reach the highest culmination of pleasures. To look at beautiful feet and feel them on parts of their bodies is better than full intimacy or perhaps all they need to arouse them to the point of seeking intimacy.

In my case, I will confess that I can reach full culmination through a foot massage only. This is how sensitive my feets are. Have you ever watched a woman being brought to a full climax through a foot massage? It is pretty intense! Personally, I go two ways, either I explode while you are giving me a foot massage or are kissing my feet, or perhaps I crave for you all f a sudden and demand that you satisfy my every need.

The thing with me, is that once I am aroused, there is no stopping me. I am a miny tornado ;). When I am in this state, it is probably when I put both my beautful hands and feet to the very best of good use… if you only knew all the tricks my little perfect hands and feet know 😉


Your Foot Fetish Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…