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Dear Pleasure Pursuer,

Please note that the text below is updated on regular bases. Therefore it is advisable that you check it from time to time, should you still have any question. Should this page or the entire website fail to give the answer to any question you may have, I invite you to email me directly after having familiarised well and truly with your potential independent escort Chelsea of choice, which hopefully will be me.


What is your favorite type of date?

My favorite type of date is a slow, sensual, and passionate one. It may be an overnight, or simply a dinner date or perhaps a pleasurable two or three hours. I love to take the time to get to know you and teas you during dinner, before taking dessert upstairs ;). As an independent escort Chelsea, I simply like to have the opportunity and time to tease the mind before savoring the more carnal part of the date. Shorter dates can be a lot of fun of course. Yet they may not allow us to explore every aspect of the date.


Can you visit me at my Chelsea residence?

I can come to your London residence after our first date in either a high-end hotel arranged by yourself or at my luxury incall location in Chelsea. Our first date cannot take place at your private residence I am afraid. From our second date onwards things will be more relaxed. Patience is a virtue 😉

What is your escort level of discretion?

Your and my privacy are paramount. Discretion is an integral part of our experience. What occurs between us, is simply to remain among ourselves and nobody else. I am an extremely private individual who expects the highest degree of discretion and offers you the same courtesy and consideration. To me personally, it is also a matter of respect, but that may be left for a lengthy blog post.


What can I expect on a date with you?

I am of a tender and cuddly nature. I cherish a caring relationship which will enable you to forget your worries while we are together. Yet I am independent minded. You can expect to feel desired, cherished, and spoiled. If you crave affection I am the person for you. I will be your sensual fleeting delight that could also become your long-term secret affair. Who knows… but for now you need to know that I am demure and elegant in public; wildly erotic in private and highly imaginative behind closed doors.

I naturally like exploring the multiple facets of eroticism, yet remaining true to my girlfriend style approach. Romantic and sensual, I strive to master the art of pleasing a man or a woman. I would like to be that special woman who will bring a fantastic bliss-filled experience into your life and make you feel like coming back for more…


Can you provide me with a list of your services?

I am of the nature of a GFE Independent escort Chelsea. Being a GFE is the foundation, yet I am openminded, imaginative, and of a very sensual nature. I do not have a list of services to send around, and I do not see one being created anytime soon. For the fast food, fast flesh kind of guy, I suggest Burgerking or McDonald. For the gentleman who wishes to explore things together, or to teach me new things, I am here, and most of all, I am willing ;).


What kind of man are you attracted to?

I am attracted to intelligent, charming, respectful, clean, generous and fun to be with gentlemen. If you like to enjoy the finer things in life with a beautiful fun loving lady, I am the lady for you. Do you know how to make a woman happy? I will be yours! I do not see a gentleman if under the age of 30, sorry. Yet it is true that I have no upper age limit as I am seeking to acquire wisdom, you see ;).


How much notice do you need?

The short answer is as much notice as possible. If you know a week in advance, great! If you know 48hrs in advance good. If you know the day before ok. But on the same day, it would essentially the equivalent of expecting to win the lottery. As explained on the Etiquette page, the more notice the better. I am available as an independent escort in Chelsea on part-time bases only. Also, I like to leave plenty of time before, during, and after our date. I simply detest the idea of rushing from perhaps an office right to a date. Is this how you would like to experience me? No, I wouldn’t have thought so. This is why I like to make sure I have plenty of time to prepare, get into the mood, and either make my way to you or prepare for your arrival in a relaxed and sensual mood like manner.


Can you give me a discount?

If getting the lowest possible rate is your main focus, then let me tell you that chances are I’m not the girl for you. Again, see my comments on the Etiquette page for further details.


What makes you so special and your rates are rigid and not up for discussion?

I am not for everyone and I do not aspire to please the masses. I am considered to be an above average and a truly unique young lady in more ways than one. I believe the compensation I request is quite reasonable for the level of quality experience that I am capable of providing. I am very selective as to who I spend my time with and I choose to remain exclusive by meeting very few gentlemen of substance and quality.


 Are your photos real?

My photos are 100% real, genuine, and resent. My photos were taken just a few weeks ago (shooting took place in Chelsea, near my location) and are a true representation of my persona. Rest assured, when you are going to set a meeting – you will be meeting with the girl in the photos. Yet the reality is so much more exciting. In a near future, I also plan to post selfies and self-taken Videos. But for now, let me settle in first. 


Can you send me a picture of yourself or a daytime photo?

Sorry, but I am to disappoint on this one point. The answer is NO. Once one of my photos leaves my possession I am no longer able to control what is done with it or how it is used. I see this as a direct violation of my safety and privacy. I am sure you understand.


Would you like to go for a drink or cinema sometime?

thank you, I appreciate the gesture but please do not ask to meet me outside our scheduled encounter (such as invites to the movies, dinner, drinks, shows, etc). this would only result in awkwardness between the two of us. Mutual respect for each other’s boundaries is essential, if we are to see each other again.


What will you be wearing on our date?

I have a delightful collection of elegant designer dresses and beautifully sexy designer lingerie. I have a fetish for exquisite lingerie. My amazing high heel shoe collection is equally extravagant. Plus I have a selection of extreme bedroom naughties. I prefer to dress in a casual yet classy way because I tend to draw some attention from both men and women because of my elegant and alluring appearance. Yet you will soon learn my passion for cocktail dresses. I can dress conservatively or in business attire or whatever takes your fancy.  You can always feel comfortable knowing that I will always dress in a classy and appropriate manner. I will be the lady of your dreams whom you can be proud to be with. You can always rest assured that I will always be discreet in public and will be the epitome of class and of a lady. Just be careful as soon as the bedroom door closes behind us ;).

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