Etiquette of Your GFE Independent Escort:


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

The GFE independent escort etiquette to hold in mind before, during, and also after our potential date, is an essential part of our relationship. You may think that our encounter is not, in fact, a relationship, as it may be of an hour or two only. Well, the truth is that no matter how brief an encounter may be, even if it is one hour long only, still represents two (or more people 😉 bonding. Any kind of bond is the establishment of a relationship. Knowing this and always holding this in mind, I make it my mission and it naturally is my desire, to only establish and cultivate a positive relationship. A positive relationship, which is a pleasant, joyful, and healthy influence in both my and your life. Over time this will also transpire through my blog.

I think of you and me as mutual reenergizing sources of powers/energy. I like to think that once you and I have parted, you will be left feeling, happier, more relaxed, with a general feeling of feeling good about yourself. I also wish to be left feeling in the same way.

Without being too philosophical on this matter, let’s make certain we’re on the same page when you make the first contact. Please read further…



To contact me for the first time is always easy if you follow my guidance here provided. For those who are not comfortable with contact forms, you are more than welcome to email me detailing your coordinates. Please make sure you provide me with all the information I ask for in the contact form so that I have all the information I need in one email. This will enable me to respond faster, and in an efficient manner. 

Please do hold in mind that you set the tone when sending that very first email. Politeness is extremely important. Vulgarity in emails, or any attempt to barter, will terminate all future correspondence



Per standard code of conduct, patronage is to be given at the beginning of our date, within the first 5 minutes of my arrival. If we’re in public, please greet me with an upscale gift bag containing my consideration in an envelope or perhaps place the envelope in a book you wish to give me to read. If we meet at a private location, be it your upscale hotel or my luxury incall location, please put my consideration in an envelope or greeting card and leave it on the bathroom counter. Regardless of our chemistry’s intensity, our time together is not to be exceeded without suitable consideration. Consideration is for my time only.


Cancellation Policy

I kindly request from you that you have respect and consideration for my time if you must cancel our appointment. If cancelling is necessary please notify me no less than 24hrs in advance. I understand that emergencies arise so if you need to cancel the same day I require a 50% deposit to reschedule or to cover for my inconvenience even if the date was supposed to happen in Central London. Please understand that as a truly dedicated GFE independent escort, I take my time and my pleasure very seriously. 

I also run my own business when not indulging in not so guilty pleasures. This is why I’m rarely able to take same-day appointments (unless I’m in a spectacularly good mood and have acres of free time of course), so I do recommend getting in touch at least a day before you want to see me, if possible of course. That way. we can exchange a couple of emails and make virtual eyes at one another across the internet before getting cosy in person. A few days notice would be the ideal. Thank you.


Personal Questions To Your GFE Independent Escort…

In the same way, I promise you not to ask questions which deem inappropriate when evaluating the nature of the encounter, I ask that you spear us both the awkwardness of asking me the following:

  1. Do you have children?
  2. Are you single?
  3. Do you live alone?
  4. What is your date of birth?
  5. What is your real name?
  6. Do your parents know that you are an escort?
  7. How much do you earn?
  8. What is your other business about?
  9. Where are your business premises?
  10. What is your business name?
  11. Where is your family?
  12. And any other such inappropriate question


Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality is to be held in mind and respected at all time by both parties. You, like myself, should refrain from divulging any information related to:

  1. The person you had the date with (me).
  2. The premises where the date took place in terms of its location and its in and out appearance.
  3. Any conversation which may have taken place during our time together.
  4. Any identity information which I or you may have accidentally gathered about the other.
  5. Any happening during our time together.

If you like to review your dates, please hold in mind that when meeting me, you are required to ask if it is ok to review our date. Should you fail to ask beforehand, writing a review without my explicit consent will be classified as a bridge of the terms and conditions on this webpage outlined which is deemed ligaly binding. By arranging a date with me, you agree to the tems and conditions of this webpage.

Feel free to check this page or my news page from time to time, as I intend to add a few things here and there as time goes by and things spring to mind.

Thank you for reading this far.

Välkommen till min elit oberoende eskortskära.


Your Pleasure Pursuer GFE Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…

Lana Morell GFE Independent Escort