Elite Independent Escort

How to look for a genuinely Elite Independent Escort?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

To find a true Elite Independent Escort isn’t at all easy. This is true against all odds, considering that London is the European capital of escorting. Yet quantity does not ensure quality! Yet, London offers countless agencies, directories, and Independent Escorts. But how many of them are really elite? Nice photos do not ensure good manners, a happy and great attitude towards erotic matters, and for sure it does not ensure honesty. So how can you avoid disappointment?

When Looking For An Elite Independent Escort, Look at Everything

Photos alone are not enough to make an informed decision as to which lady to meet. To determine if an escort is a real elite independent Escort, I suggest you ask yourself a few things:

  • Does she have a blog page? If yes, What does she writes, and how often?
  • Does she seem to be articulated on her website?
  • Does she come across as being happy?
  • Does she share information on her website indicating that she thinks about what your needs may be as a hobbyist, such as a stats page?

These are just some of the few things to hold in mind for consideration. But much more applies. For example, ask yourself when looking for an elite independent escort, is she transparent about her rates on her website? One could suggest that lack of transparency over the rates suggests a lack of integrity.

As An Elite Independent Escort:

I prefer to be completely transparent about what I offer, what I enjoy, and what it takes you to get us together for a top-notch date. I love it when we meet and there is no need to “discuss” details. By reading my website pages you know what you are getting. From my part, when you email me, I sense your preferences. By the time we meet, words become nothing more than a light form of flirting and entertainment…


After that is all whispers…


Your Elite Independent Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…