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Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Being the dedicated little cuddly, sweet, and elite escort that you know me to be, I share my news. By reading my always up to date News Page, you will never miss anything. If I am away, or visiting your city, or if there is a new future on my little corner of the cyberspace, you will know that, right on time. So yes, definitely a page to check regularly.

Most importantly, you must know that I put a hundred percent into our date and that I keep fresh. This is true with new ideas, fantasies, suggestions, updates, photos, videos… you name it! To just say I am an elite courtesan to me is not enough. This is precisely why I strive to learn and experience new things, introduce new scenarios, and keep you updated on my whereabouts with my blog and my news page. I also care to keep you up to date when it comes to my looks, which is precisely why I will soon have videos and photos of me coming soon.

You will soon be able to experience a three-dimensional me before we have even met. Don’t you find this incredible!? No out of date photos, no selectively edited videos. Nothing but an organic experience of myself and nobody else. I care to give you all tools necessary to make an informed and confident decision. Not bad I say ;).

So, what else is there? Constant regular updates, promotions, suggestions, upcoming trips to your city, if I am away, videos, photos of me… What more could you ask… to meet me? Click Here 😉

I sincerely hope you will find my website engaging and entertaining because if you really like my website, imagine how much you will like me ;).


Your Elite Escort News…


Lana Morell xxx…

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