Dinner-Date Escort

What Happens With An Dinner-Date Escort?

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

What happens with your Dinner-Date Escort, in this case, myself, is up to you of course. Yet do expect me to take the initiative every now and then ;). My expectation is that we go to have a wonderful and probably indulgent dinner somewhere in Central London if our date is to take place in London. A dinner usually takes a couple of hours or so, during which a little flirt and a giggle will make time go fast and the “appetite build up”. This is when I usually feel like taking “dessert” upstairs, and that alone will take us another two hours or so… I did say on another page of this website that I am a woman of a “large appetite” ;).

You can expect to be with an easy going, relaxed, and a funloving lady who enjoys the finest things in life, including fine company… You can tell already we have something in common ;). I am a woman of a bubbly and warm personality, who will make you feel at ease within the first few minutes since the beginning of our date.

If you are looking for an attractive and intelligent lady with whom to have a romantic and sensual dinner and dessert with, then I hope you will contact me, because I love what I do, and I love to tease your mind in between courses… as well as other things of course ;). I am known to be an intelligent and fun conversationalist and a passionate and alluring temptress.

Still unsure as to which independent escort to choose for a very special dinner-date to remember? I invite you to take a look at my website and see for yourself that I do what I do with passion, love, dedication, and excitement.

If you prefer to go back to my place after dinner, no problem. I am conveniently located in Central London, surrounded by a number of amazing restaurants for us to choose from. We can enjoy dinner and retire to my place, which is no more than a ten minutes taxi ride from the best restaurant in London.

There are only a few true pleasures in life. I ought to experience them all! What about you?

Your perfect Dinner-Date Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…

Dinner-Date Escort