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Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As a City Airport Independent Escort, I can be with you at your airport hotel with no problems at all, with a little of advance notice. would you like to ensure your preferred independent escort will be able to be with you during your stopover? Here a few easy steps on how to make this happen. I hope this short guide will help you.

Arranging to meet your City Airport Independent Escort of choice:

  1. Scenario:

First of all, if you are coming to London’s City airport, it means that you know when you are going to be at this airport before even leaving your country of origin, or any country you might have been visiting before heading to the UK. If this is the case the following apply to you. Please make sure you make contact with me before you get on your plain to reach City Airport. This will enable me to plan my schedule accordingly, get ready, and manage my travel time to you so that we can meet. to travel all the way here to then call me an hour before the time at which you specifically wish to meet, will not work. I cant possibly drop my schedule, get ready, verify you, and also make my way to you all in one hour.

2. Scenario:

If you are departing from City Airport to another destination in the country or abroad, then similar steps apply to you too. Simply arrange a date with me as soon as you have booked your flight in order to avoid disappointment. In this way, I will be able to prepare in such a way to ensure no delays will take place. the last thing we want is for the last minute appointment to then result in us not meeting because I simply did not have enough time to get to you before your flight will take off.

In conclusion, if you were a bit of a Casey Neistat kind of guy, who always seems to make his flight just about and everything else in his life seems to be very last minute, then it will be very difficult for us to meet.

Yet if you are the corporate kind of guy who is used to a structured routine, and are used to schedule everything in advance, then I am probably the easiest person on the planet for you to get on with. I am also very organised and reliable. How about that! ;).

Coming to City Airport soon? call me 😉


Your City Airport Independent Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…