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Looking For A Special Chelsea Escort?


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Then you are already aware of how wonderfully luxurious a true Chelsea Escort can be! Hello, and welcome to my virtual home…

If you like me, don’t do well with the average anything, be it in sports, at work, or a restaurant, or indeed with ladies, then chances are that you and I would get along just great. I said great, not famously ;). I myself have high standards and I confess to be a bit of a perfectionist. So yes, I do tend to make my life a little more difficult at times, just so that I can perfect whatever I am doing. Yet it is true that I do not have a problem with making my life a little more challenging when it comes to our date. As I have said, I am a perfectionist, and therefore I will get out of my way if necessary, to ensure that we will have a truly remarkable and mesmerising time together. I strive to give you and myself luxurious memories to cherish.

I do not accept the average when it comes to my food when it comes to my shopping, my friends, and I noticeably do not accept average when it comes to where I am to live… How on earth would it come about if I was to accept an average experience behind closed doors? Well, I don’t, and neither should you!

If you are seeking a truly elite Chelsea escort in Kensington whom to have a wonderful time together, then I invite you to explore my virtual home a little more, in the hope you will see I am the lady for you. If what you have read so far appeals to you, allow me to share a little more on what you can expect with me.


Your Pleasure Pursuer & Chelsea Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…

Chelsea Escort