Your Independent Escort In Chelsea!

Written By - Lana Morell

 Independent Escort Chelsea

Brunch Of Your Independent Escort Chelsea!

Hello very special you! Today I had a great day in Chelsea. Was I there as an independent escort? Maybe, maybe not! ;). Not telling, but what I will tell, is that I had the most wonderful lunch I had in a while. Yes, it was that good!

Starter And Main Course Of Your Hungry Independent Escort Chelsea:

I had the raw garden salad as my starter. That was nice, yet not mind-blowing. But it was nice enough for a starter. As my main course, I really went all out! My main course was a grilled whole lobster. The ingredients on the menu were garlic and parsley butter with watercress and thick cut chips. But I asked them to skip the butter. As for the chips, I actually had sweet potato chips in olive oil. Chips fried in olive oil. That is what a call chippies! ;).

Was there any wine?

Of course, there was! Actually, there was better than that. Dont judge me, I simply want to celebrate Chelsea and London in general now that I am here. I had a glass (just a glass) of Laurent-Perrier, Cuvee Champagne. If you have read my home page and my about me page, you know I love Laurent-Perrier, and that is my favorite.

It was so pleasant to sit there and enjoy this beautiful day. When the sun is out everyone feels/seems happier. I definitely felt very happy today just because of how nice the weather was. Of course being in a stunning restaurant for a luxurious brunch in the delightful company of my lunch companion can only enhance that sensation of ecstasy.

I think part of the beauty of enjoying such a luxurious experience is that I also knew in my mind that I had been very productive in the first part of the day. To me knowing that I had a productive day and that I got a lot done makes me feel good about myself. Lazy is not my thing. Rewarding myself is definitely my thing ;).

So, Not Dessert Then?

Are you joking me?! There was a dessert and I loved that too! I had a lovely Crème brûlée, which was well above the average, although I won’t say it blew my mind in the way the lobster did. By the time I finished my meal, I promise you I was so full I cannot even tell you how full I was. I am so glad that was my first meal of the day. And of course, I am not planning to have any dinner. Mind you, it would be much too late now anyway. But what a day!

Conclusion Of Your Chelsea Bird:

It is now getting late and I have a 6 am wakeup call tomorrow morning. Which is why it is now time to wrap this up. But before I go, I will tell you one last thing about the Ivy in Chelsea. For sure it has to be one of the most flirtatious places in London! I mean, it was insane how much attention I got. If a girl reads this blog, she must know that that is the place to go if you are looking for a man. It was very flattering, considering that I was busy stuffing my face with lobster and chips lol. I am now beginning to wonder if men in general, find women eating their food sexy. What do you think? If you would like to share your thoughts on it, then please do tell using the comment box below. It would be fun to learn what you think about this.


My lovely, you must know that I am working on posting videos and selfies of me on my video page and the selfie page which is coming soon. So yes, it is worth it to stay tuned ;).

With Love, Your Independent Escort In Chelsea…


Lana Morell xxx…