Why Not A GFE Independent Escort?

Written By - Lana Morell

Why Not A GFE Independent Escort?

Why Not A GFE Independent Escort?

Hello, my lovely pleasure seeker! You may have read my introduction pages on my website and gathered that I am a keen GFE independent escort. This morning, I had breakfast with a lovely lady, who I have only recently met. We had a lovely time sitting outside of this cute place and enjoying breakfast. Of course, we talked about all sorts, we made fun of the few time wasters or time wasters wanna be that dared calling me. Amazing how unaware these men can be. It is so easy to tell they are trying to toy with me lol. “Yes Sir, of course, you call tomorrow to confirm”. I wasn’t even up at that time! lol.

Anyways, this girl and I today were talking about all sorts. IT was very nice being able to talk about escorting and not having to filter my sentences. Talking with another escort was great.  Yet I was surprised when she said that she couldn’t possibly be a GFE escort. I am not criticising as we all can do what we want of course (thank God!). But I was surprised by the fact that she said she could not possibly stand that degree of intimacy with a man other than her boyfriend. She also said she prefers to work for agencies so that she does not have to deal “with them” too much. This was all a big shocker as I am the complete opposite.

What I Like About Being A GFE Independent Escort:

  1. As explained all over my website I love the intimacy and connection I know I can experience and make my lover experience as a temporary girlfriend. To me, the closeness, kissing, and touching is appealing.
  2. I much prefer being independent as an escort, simply because I do not believe in pimps and I don’t need one. I much rather “manage myself” as they call it.
  3. Being an escort not only gives the ladies a wonderful lifestyle but also opens the door to a world before unknown to many of us I think. I am already amazed by a couple of things I have learned so far.
  4. I also make no secret that escorting may be the solution to my very high sex drive. We will see ;).

The Conclusion Of A Self-managed Independent GFE Escort:

I completely respect other people’s choices in life. Yet I will not allow some agency to manage me any time soon. I much rather quit escorting altogether. I have no problem with kissing, touching, and cuddling with a man other than my boyfriend because I like it. And I still think that being an escort it’s awesome! Let us be clear, I do not intend to glamorize this way of life in any way, because I am aware there are downsides and plenty of things to be aware of. However, So far this is working for me and I am happy. This is key, being happy no matter what you do. The problem is when you are not happy and do not feel you are in control of yourself.

This really makes me think that it would be a good idea to write a blog about the different spectrum of escorting. I am not sure. It is a rather heavy duty kind of topic in my view. I will think about it and let you know. The sun is shining outside. I better go.

Stay cool my sexy lover! (the one I get to kiss, not the sad little people who try to waste my time;).

Your Dedicated  GFE Independent Escort…
Lana Morell xxx