Why Hampstead Independent Escort?

Written By - Lana Morell

Why Searching For Hampstead Independent Escort?

Hampstead Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As you for sure have noticed, the weather is the best it has ever been in a very long time. therefore, it is only natural this exclusive Hampstead Independent Escort suggests “outdoors activities”. With such magnificent weather, my inclination is to have as “much fun outside” as possible, even if this entails a few mosquito bites ;). What about you, aren’t you looking for a spell in time filled with excitement and enjoyable fun?

As you have probably already observed, I am a rather playful and openminded sensual lady. However, not everything flies. If you have read my etiquette page and other guidance on how to make that very first contact, then you also know that there are things which will not perceive as agreeable to me. Let me explain what I am talking about.

Recently, I received a phone call from a gent who I believe thought was calling KFC. So here is my explanation for the record. darling, if you call this Hampstead Independent Escort or any other high-class independent escorts for that matter, you do not ask to purchase in bolk. It isn’t safe, it isn’t gracious, and guess what, and it isn’t upscale.

Who in their right mind would go to Harrods and treat it the way he treats Asda? Nobody, exactly. So here is what happened. I received a call late evening. It quickly transpired that the person calling me did not even look at my website. He did not realise I am not a night howl. He also did not know my rates, my etiquette, scheduling time and method, nothing. At that this point, I asked myself, why is he even calling me if he does not even know if he is calling an independent or an agency? If I want to schedule something, anything at all, you bet I know who I am contacting, for what, and all the other relevant information.

As if this clueless individual was not offensive enough with his complete lack of understanding of … well, everything, it gets worst. I am quickly told that it is the four of them. This is where the purchasing in bolk comments come in, you see. What happened next? Hun, that is when I checked out. There is a difference between an open-minded Hampstead Independent Escort and being bottom of the market. I am open to all sorts of exploration and adventures, but there is a way, and only with like-minded people. I hope this clarifies.

Please understand this is not me complaining. I love what I do and I love the adventures I am experiencing. I am sharing the downers, because I think it is educational, and because I  also think it helps you to understand us. Personally, I was not upset or offended. I was amused, that is for sure. But that kind of amusement isn’t going to secure anyone a date with me. All very funny indeed. This was my little reflection from your loving muse. I hope you are enjoying the weather.

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Hampstead Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…