When To Date Kentish Town Independent Escort?

Written By - Lana Morell

Kentish Town Independent Escort Availability:

Kentish Town Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

As you might have noticed, your favourite Kentish Town Independent Escort isn’t available this week and I will also not be available next week. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and I am sorry if you call went unanswered. But rest assured I will make it up to you very soon!

The reason I am not around at present is that I am away (could she be any vaguer?! Yes, but I will spear you that lol). I intend to return by August and that is when I will have a lot of time and will be super happy to date you. if you wish to let me know you would love to date upon my return, please do send me an email at lanamorell@yahoo.com. I will reply I promise :).

It is a bit too soon to schedule a date now, as between now and August anything can happen and I really do not wish to have a situation in which we arrange to meet on a specific date and time, and then you or I am having to cancel for whatever reason. Yes, I love advance scheduling, but when is too far in advance it becomes dangerous. I am confident you agree with this.

If you are disappointed right now, because you are not able to date your Kentish Town Independent Escort of choice (me), just think that I am getting a lot of rest and relaxation and therefore, once back, I will be nothing short of an energy drink. Wanna drink me? ;). Ah, that was naughty I know, but I am not sorry ;).

If you like me, are full of desire, be a little patient and save your energy. Do not expect me to have mercy ;). I am a very passionate woman, which means when I submerge in something, especially the something of a naughty nature, I give my whole being and become insatiable… Are you ready to take on my appetite?

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Kentish Town Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…