When Independent Duo Escorts Are Dishonest…

Written By - Lana Morell

What Happends When Independent Duo Escorts Are Dishonest?

Independent Duo Escorts

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

The short answer to the question “what happens when independent duo escorts are dishonest?” is not much! why would I say this? I had an interesting little situation to deal with last week. Please read on if you want to know what happened.

I initially was contacted by a “gentleman” who at first sounded just fine. He explained that he would have liked me to see him with his “girlfriend”. Now, hold in mind the word “girlfriend” because that is, in fact, the trigger of all the shade which was to follow. I asked if she was also an escort or if she was, in fact, his actual girlfriend. I also explained I did not have a problem with either, but that I simply wanted to know. He mumbled something along the line of “she is also an escort / was, not so much so anymore. She is my girlfriend now.” I did not have a problem with that and simply explained that I would not be able to host for that particular scenario, but that I would have been more than happy to go to a hotel or their place or else as per their preference to meet. All of this seemed fine.

Later on in the day, the guy calls me again saying that it was fine. At this point, time and date had been agreed on, and I also had been told that they would have informed me at a later stage where to go. This also was fine. So, to be clear, at this point I did not know if I was going to a private residence or a hotel, as they hadn’t decided themselves as to what to do.

I don’t hear anything until the day before. I was then informed that I was going to a private residence (her private residence, to be precise). I said it was fine and asked if she was on the electoral register. I mean, if he is so experienced, which he admitted to, and if she is an escort or ex-escort, then, of course, they must have known that I would have needed to verify them for safety reasons right? Bear in mind that up to this point I never spoke to her, which I thought it was a bit off. Normally if the girl is really a girlfriend and not a full on escort she would want to talk to me.

Anyway, when I asked him if she was on the electoral register he said he doubted so but elaborated further saying I should call her. Ok fine, now I am calling her. I call to introduce myself and as soon as I explained he arranged a 3 ways with me, her, and him, making a point of saying that he described her as his “girlfriend” not so much into escorting anymore, she made a point of referring to him as “a client she saw a few times”. the tone she used suggested that she wouldn’t even vouch for him. The tone she used implied that, yes he is a client that she saw more than one, but that is it. At this point, I am already saying to myself “this is interesting”, but to be honest I would have gone ahead with it, because in the end, as long as I make sure I am safe and I have fun, little white lies like that do not face me. But there is more…

This is where Independent Duo Escorts being dishonest applies:

In order to finally verify them, I ask her if she is on the electoral register. This is when it all went downhill. First of all, she did not know what the electoral register is. I explained this to her and she then explained the whole situation as follows. She is American, on a three months tourist visa, basically in London working as much as she can for three months before returning to America. She was more interested in going on about how nice her flat is, rather than helping me to verify her in some kind of way. When she was still going on about how cute her flat is, yet unable and unwilling to provide me with anything at all to ensure I was going to a safe place (I would expect more from the other escort who supposedly knows what our concerns are, and how we make sure we keep safe), I interrupted the nonsense and explained I was not able to join them for the duo, unless she could provide me with something to verify her. She quickly went “ok”, as if she actually was pleased that the duo wasn’t going to happen. I then politely ended the call.

At this point, she obviously has no documentation or anything on her because she is only staying for three months, meaning that the place she was staying in was probably a sublet she was using (will explain in a sec why I am saying this). I google the number I called her on, and it came back as nothing at all. So, now I know I called a disposable number, she did not offer to tell me which one is her website… There was absolutely nothing for me to work with in order to make it happen.

Right after this I spoke to the guy and explained all of this. He asked me to wait so that he could speak to her. I had already lost interest but whatever. After he spoke to her she then sends me a text telling me she can show me her council tax bill. I mean, is this girl stupid or what? Of course, she cants have a council tax on her name if she is only here for three months, I am not stupid! This is how I know it is a sublet. I bet you she was going to show me a council tax with someone else’s name on it. I then, just for the sake of it asked her if she was prepared to show her ID to verify the council tax was on her actual name… no reply.

then the guy calls me again (what a pain I know!), and I explained the situation. Just before that tho, she sends me a text as a mistake, and it was obvious it was for the “booking” she was about to receive lmao. Now, this was literally 45minutes before the three of us were meant to meet. So, I asked him if she is an Adult Wark kind of escort. He reluctantly said yes. And that was the end of the conversation.

to explain, I normally am much more accommodating than this. But of course, I was not enabled to relax because the amount of shade/dishonesty I was faced with. If they had been honest with from the beginning and said that she was an escort and shared her website, that would have been enough. But to lie about their relationship status, the intentional hiding of her escort name and details, and her complete absence of any credential naturally made me uncomfortable. If I was her I would have had no problem in sharing my public number and website as some kind of credential to provide the other lady with some comfort in terms of safety.

Yet I don’t know if I could have gone past the fact that she is an AW worker. If she is on AW she cant be asking for more than £200. But if she is touring she probably goes for £150 or so. OMG, I can’t even think about that! Simply not for me. No thank you. Too high volume for me and all too low quality.

But guess what, there is more! She later sends me a text suggesting we meet somewhere in a public place to meet for perhaps future collaboration… Are you kidding me girl? Are you really suggesting this to the same girl you lied to? Please!


All of this is not to vent or have a go at anything or anyone. It is just me shearing exactly what does not work and what will make sure we will never meet, and that, put in simple words, is dishonesty! So again, “what happens when Independent Duo Escorts are dishonest?” not much is the answer!

On the other hand, I had a much more open and honest girl approaching me suggesting collaboration, and I am all up for it! So my lovely Pleasure Seeker, stay tuned because I am making friend ;).

Your Independent Duo Escorts

Lana Morell xxx…