What Swiss Cottage Independent Escort Thinks Of The Trump?

Written By - Lana Morell

What Are The Thoughts Of Swiss Cottage Independent Escort?

Swiss Cottage Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

What this Swiss Cottage Independent Escort is something I make no secret of. Getting around London today must be an utter nightmare! Considering the amount of hustle we are experiencing in Central London, the amount of money spent on security, the heath, and the inappropriateness of the Trump in the presence of the Queen (his body language and posture were actually disrespectful in that there was nothing humble about them, even in the presence of a 92 yo Queen), I can say in all confidence we could have for sure done without that. Yep, escorts have opinions too.

On this note, I would like to share my support for Theresa May, who is having to deal with “this” and much more. I think by the time 5 years or 10 will have gone by, we will probably be able to compare Theresa to Merkel. By the end of this awful period in time, Theresa May will be able, like Merkel already is, to say that she has seen the country through thick and thin.

Whether we like Theresa May as the PM and her policies, or not, it is undeniable how much is is having to deal with, and the strength she is showing in sticking around and working her way/the country through a very difficult time on so many levels. This is precisely why I am stealing the spotlight from The Trump, to highlight the professionalism, resilience, grace, and commitment of our PM.

And of course, I couldn’t possibly finish this without mentioning the Queen (you guys, if my website is shut down today, you know what happened lol). What I said about Theresa May is also true for the Queen, with the addition that for a 92 years old Queen, she also shows how incredible she is, even with The Trump and “associate”. I feel at this point in history, Great Britain is blessed with two very strong and gifted, as well as obviously influential women, who make the perfect role model to us younger women, the future generations.

Now if you excuse me, I am off to see the big inflated cheeto like balloon, being released soon. I couldn’t possibly miss the big crying cheeto like the baby crying up in the sky lol.

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Swiss Cottage Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…