What is New? The Elite Courtesan News.

Written By - Lana Morell

The Elite Courtesan News are:

Dear Pleasure Seeker (I really like calling you that ;),

  1. I just had my photoshoot done. This did not come without incurring a psychological scar which will for sure stay with me for some time to come. Maybe I will write a blog about this experience.
  2. I also had my website designed. Thank goodness this was not a pain-inflicting experience! Actually, it was rather nice to pick colours, pages and about a thousand other little tiny details. But it is also true that as a beginner, you would never think in a million years you should know about so much about so many things. But as an aspiring adult entertainer apparently, you do!
  3. I recently moved to Central London (Kensington). That in itself was quite a process! Home renovation and almost simultaneous move into a new apartment do not gel well! Take my word for it.
  4. I am now trying to figure out how to improve my visibility on google. Not an easy thing to achieve, it seems. In part, this is why I am writing this. I am making it very easy for Google to learn all about me, the new elite courtesan and my website. This of course, along with all the information in here, such as my location (Kensington), my email address (lanamorell@yahoo.com), my number 00447774503812 etc. But this is more for you really.
  5. I have also have given a thought and decided how I see myself fit and comfortable being as an escort. It did require careful thinking, considering how diverse the two spectrums are. Yet I can say with confidence that I see myself providing very high-end companionship. I am by nature a genuinely loving GFE, yet I am also a naturally open-minded young woman. I like to change and have new experiences, yet I like to do this in the comfort and seduction as part of a GFE courtesan frame. We could explore things together, or perhaps you could teach me ;).

Have you read all about the new elite courtesan now?

Maybe not – Let me share a couple of more things…

a) English is not my first language (I apologise for any mistakes present in the text), yet I am able to write a huge deal (with mistakes, I know). Please trust that my spoken English is almost perfect.

b) I am definitely new at this. So, I guess I am the news right now!


I would prefer it if you were to fill in the contact form when contacting me.

Writing this news page, makes me feel like writing a blog soon sharing my thoughts, fantasies, and speculations on what my very first date as an elite Kensington escort might be like. I keep thinking about it. I wonder where it will be, what you will look like, what will happen… But this is all best left for a first blog post.

This is it, I wrote this to announce that I am here and available as your elite courtesan and to share that I am immensely excited to be here and to have begone this journey. This is true even if just online so far. This will be such a crazy, exciting, and enjoyable journey. I know it!

I hope you found this post informative and enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!

Your loving pleasure pursuer & Elite Courtesan with more news coming soon…

Lana Morell xxx…