What Is High-end Independent Courtesan Mood Like?

Written By - Lana Morell

What Is High-end Independent Courtesan Mood Like?


High-end Independent Courtesan


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

I have been hinting at my embarking on a journey as a high-end independent courtesan a few times over on my blog, by now. What is missing is the update on how things are going for me and how, if at all, I managed to settle into this whole new world. If you would like to learn how things are going for me, and if I at all feel cut for this lifestyle, read on. I can’t wait to share with you my learnings and reflections on being a high-end independent courtesan.

First of all, I am having to start explaining that I haven’t been indulging in secret pleasures as much as I would have liked, simply because I have been busy with transitioning from what it was a 100% boring life, to a now 50% boring life only ;). Nevertheless, I did get to play a bit ;).

So, am I staying or am I going? Well, considering the amount of fun I am experiencing, the kind of dates I am been offered, and the wonderful company, all I can do is….stay of course! Seriously, I am having so much fun, I cannot even begin to tell you! I love to date fantastic, intelligent, charming, generous, elite, and sensual men. There is nothing better than spending an evening or afternoon with a fine gentleman as the chosen high-end independent courtesan, for an intimate time of secret pleasure, and passionate intimacy.

In all honesty, this is proving to be even better than I would have hoped for. So dear Sir, if we have met and you are now reading this, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience you as the wonderful sexual human being you are and your world. I loved it and can’t wait to experience the whole of you at some point soon!


Your Loving High-end Independent Courtesan Staying On…Because I like it! 😉 …


Lana Morell xxx…