What Are Chalk Farm Independent Escort Expectations?

Written By - Lana Morell

Do I have Expectations As Chalk Farm Independent Escort?

Chalk Farm Independent Escort

Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Someone sent me an email asking me what on earth are my expectations, considering that as a Chalk Farm Independent Escort I am away a lot. I felt the email to contain frustration, which I acknowledge, understand, and apologise for being the cause of it apparently. Let me try again to explain where I am at with escorting and what my hopes are.

First of all, please understand that I have no expectations what so ever. However, I do have a lot of hope. I do not consider to be an “entitled” kind of person, which is why all I can do is to simply hope that the basics will be covered. What I mean by this is that gentlemen I will meet upon my return will be respectful, kind, and pleasant. The rest is a bonus. My hopes are that I will have a lot of fun and that I will make special friends with whom to have wonderful times with.

Having said all of the above I do not have any expectations at all. I couldn’t have any, because I simply do not know how it is going to be and I never take anything for granted in life. If I gave the impression that I am away having fun and that I expect you to be in a line upon my immediate return, trust that this is not the spirit in which I introduce myself to you.

I started my website a few months back, things got behind, which caused a delay. I then was available in London for a bit as Chalk Farm Independent Escort but not much happened. I had a trip already scheduled since a few months ago. Regardless of the fact that every single thing got delayed in my life and that as a result of this, my schedule was a mess, I still had to leave.

Ironically enough, now that I am away, everybody wants to see me, and when I say I am away, I get a not so nice email as a result. What could I possibly say to that? Please be patient and rest assured I will be back soon (August). I will make sure to make the wait worth it upon my return, I promise!

Also a quick reminder that my favorite method of contact is not phone or form but email. If you contact me by email I can answer you always quickly.


Your Pleasure Pursuer & Chalk Farm Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx