What Does An Independent Courtesan In Central London Do?

Written By - Lana Morell

Independent Courtesan Central London

What Does An Independent Courtesan In Central London Do?

Yesterday I was on the phone with another independent courtesan Central London I have recently met here in London. She asked me what do I do with my days. The short answer is a lot! The more expansive answer to this question is to follow in the next paragraph. But first, let me tell you how the question came about. This girl and I met recently. She is also a Central London independent courtesan, just like myself. The difference between this lady and myself is that she does not run an unrelated business like I do. For this reason, she explained she is rather bored when she is not entertaining gentlemen and does not know what to do with herself and her time. So, she asked me what do I do with my time when not with you. I attempted to answer her question, but, by the time I finished with the list of my daily tasks, I could tell she had mentally drifted away lol. Well, I am delighted to be able to say that this is soon to come to an end.

Central London Independent Courtesan Lifestyle Change:

The more elaborate answer to the above question is that until yesterday, I would get up very early so that I would be able to both keep up with my business, and to build up this website to a good enough standard to make you want to come to see me… and to cum again perhaps soon after that ;). Sorry, that was a tat rude I know. I could not resist! Back to the daily thing. This was very tiring and stressful as you can imagine. It is hard to manage so many things at the same time, and I had to do it for six months or so. First the move, then the business, the apartment deco, setting up this website, researching how to achieve more exposure and a bunch of other things. Believe it or not, this is all hard work.

From today, however, I am able to stay a little longer in bed (by myself sadly), go to the market, something which I love doing, do things I need to do in a relaxed and pleasant manner, and even relax a little having a coffee somewhere while watching a youtube video or read the paper if on my own.

My Thoughts On This New Lifestyle:

It is also true that as much as I am incredibly excited about my becoming an independent courtesan here in Central London and to have more time to relax, I don’t think I will want to only escort. Escorting is something that I like to look at as my secret and fun play area, not a heavy duty task. I am happy to be here, and that my website is out for you to perv on (smile). Yet I also very much like the idea to be keeping my mind active and busy with various other things. I simply struggle to envision myself being in a cafe’ all day long and every day, sipping coffee and watching life/people passing by. I guess I am simply too used to be productive. Besides, I love to expand my knowledge on all sorts of things. Shame that one of my weaknesses is my issue with commitment. Did I ever say I was perfect? Nop! But on the bright side, I won’t be stalking you any time soon lol.

What are my other weaknesses? Well, I struggle to say no to seduction, and simply can’t bring myself to tell a man to stop sliding his hand up my skirt… I am a girl of pleasures, not discipline! I am completely unable to reject a glass of champagne and say no to oral, and I am sex starved. Something else you may care to know is that I have a sweet tooth (Raw Vegan treats from Nama only please) and that I love “lollypops’ ;). Is there more? Yes, but not today…


I am here, I am ready and willing. It is now up to you to contact me and arrange for us both to meet and for us both to release excess energy. It simply would be great to see you. Alternatively, should you feel the need to learn more about me, my personality, style, and objective, feel free to visit my about me page for more details?


Please do stay tuned, as I will soon begin to post videos and selfies ;). But first, I need to learn how to do that properly. Also, should you have something to say or suggest, do use the submit box below. I am looking forward to be reading from you!

Your Independent Courtesan Central London…

Lana Morell xxx…