Westminster Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

How To Start Communication With Westminster Independent Escort:


 Westminster Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Allow me to remind ourselves what is the best way to start communication with this  Westminster Independent Escort. It is understandable that a mixture of excitement and nervousness take over when finally sitting down to write an email to your chosen lady of pleasure. This is even true when you know too well that she has high standards and is indeed a high-class escort and elite female companion.

Yet there is a bigger truth about humanity as a whole, and that is imperfection. Don’t you believe me? Just look at the picture above lol. So yes, it is good to strive to write that perfect email. Yet it is also true that part of what charms me about you is indeed the humanity which shows through your email. So please, do not be nervous, it was never my intention to cause anxiety over how you should approach me to begin with.

It is all rather simple really. All you need to do is to think logically and compassionately. What does it mean tho? It means that by thinking logically you will intuitively know that in your email you should include all necessary information related to logistics so that I know if I can make the date, yourself so that I can decide whether you are someone I would be comfortable dating. This is both logical and compassionate.

Think about it, I share so very much on my website already. You can learn so much about me through my virtual home, yet I have no idea as to what you might be like. See, if you think about it in a compassionate fashion, it is easy to see that all I do is to ask to email me, which is my prefered method of communication, yet including all the info required in the contact form. See, as simple as that. And if once you have sent the first email you realise that you forgot to include something relevant, simply send me another one with the missing information.

Ultimately, just know that the fact that you are reading this in its entirety, means that I love you already!

I want you to also know that I am a truly descrete female companion. To me/us discretion is paramount.

Just remember, life was never meant to be easy, but it also wasn’t meant to be as complicated as we make it! ;).


Your Pleasure Pursuer &  Westminster Independent Escort…


 Lana Morell xxx…