Was The Call For This Overnight Independent Escort?

Written By - Lana Morell


Was The Call For This Overnight Independent Escort?

Today this overnight independent escort will tell you about a funny example of human mediocrity. But before I do that, allow me to remind you of my offer. The other day I offered to write on this blog some of my juiciest sensual fantasies. I made a point of asking you to comment in the comment box below to let me know if I should write a blog on some of my most private fantasies. Yet I haven’t heard anything from you in this regard. Please do let me know what you would like me to write about. Your suggestions will not go ignored.

The Overnight Prospect…

Early this afternoon, I received a call from a man who said was interested in an overnight with me. I courteously asked when he would like to spend the evening together and he answered as soon as possible, meaning today. As much as I experienced the initial excitement at the prospect of finally beginning my independent escort life/adventure, intuitively I thought it was indeed a rather strange request, considering nobody really knows about me yet. First of all, my website just only went live this month. And believe me, Google does not give cute brunettes special treatment. This means that I am not ranking for google places, and unless someone saw my social media link or have been googling my name, chances are, humanity as a whole, does not yet know that I even exist. This made me very suspicious already.

Back to the story. I politely agreed, giving him the benefit of the doubt, and asked him to send me a message with the details required to verify him. He replied that before he does that I should send him photos of me via WhatsApp. He then elaborated further explaining that should he like what he sees, he will confirm. This is the point at which my suspicions of him being a time waster are being confirmed of course. Since I had the time of the day, and since he spoke with a noticeable degree of arrogance, I explained a few things:

  • If he wanted photos of me, he should refer back to the website.
  • Why I do not send photos of me to random strangers is explained on my FAQ page.
  • I then concluded that all he needs to see and know about me is on my website and therefore I suggested he refers back to it.
  • I then concluded reminding him that he is the one setting the tone when calling me (this was my way of addressing his patronising actitude twards me).

In Conclusion…

I might be new as an independent escort, and I might experience the sheer excitement at the prospect of an overnight with a genuine gentleman, willing to introduce me to new experiences, but I am not stupid. This man’s intentions were for sure not good. I am absolutely sure he was lying to me just to have me sending naughty photos of myself. I gave you a summary of how the phonecall, but trust it was not a genuine enquiry. He was probably one of the photos collectors most experienced escorts write about. Since something tells me Mr Mediocrity will probably read this, there is a question I would like to ask him. I make people feel good, yet what do you do with your time?


Let me know what you would like me to write about, please. I am really getting into this ;).

Your Genuine Overnight Independent Escort…

Lana Morell xxx…