Victoria Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

What Happened To Your Victoria Independent Escort?

Victoria Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,

Surprise! I am sorry for not posting as your Victoria Independent Escort this week. Something happened and for days I have been debating whether I should come on here and be all fake by writing random happy stuff or being honest instead and risk annoying you. I chose the latter… In fact, if you don’t behave I might make a hobby out of annoying you lol. Just joking of course, but what is to follow, isn’t a joke. SEATBELT ON PLEASE!

As you know, I am currently away. I have already explained when I will be back in my availability page, as well as on other blog posts. But to some, my constant explaining and updating obviously aren’t enough, which is why what happened ended up happening.

On the very same day, I announced that after only one month of my “debut” let’s call it, as your Victoria Independent Escort, I had to announce that I was going to take some time off from being an escort, for personal reasons, I also had to cancel on someone with whom I had previously agreed to date. The reason for my absence from the “scene” as some call it, has nothing to do with escorting itself. My reason for the absence is indeed for personal reasons. This, at least initially, was very well understood by the person I had to cancel on, or so I thought.

Initially, your Victoria Independent Escort was meant to be a way for the month of July only, but as you know already very well know, this absence has been extended and well protracted into the fall (again, please follow updates on my availability page). This is when things turned bitter for some I guess, as that very same person (let’s call him Joe lol), contacted me again asking to date. Once again I was super apologetic and explained that due to my personal circumstances, I had to extend my absence as a Victoria Independent Escort.

At this point, I was expecting a disappointed yet understanding response on his part. Instead, what I got was a rude and rather bitter reply saying something along the line of: “You must be just busy then, and therefore I am going to find someone else”. Up to this point, I actually thought this was a very nice guy and I was genuinely looking to date him and hopefully spend a fabulous time together. Yet this person turned to be bitter and beyond cynical. Let us pose for a second to think, please. Let us assume that the reason of my absence was due to something sad such as the loss of a loved one or something as dramatic as that, what such an email says about this “gentleman”?! I think you get my point already.

Thank God the reason of my absence isn’t something like that at all (please do not worry about me I am totally fine, I promise, and I can’t wait to be back and start properly as your Victoria Independent Escort ;). The only negative feeling I am having to deal with is my own frustration because I am growing impatient. I really want to get into being the upscale independent companion I committed to being.

However, the point I am trying to make in this blog post is that we all experience disappointment, deception, betrayal, and hurt in our lives, soon or later. This is an unavoidable and simple fact of life. But how we choose to deal with this not so charming part of life’s reality is indeed up to each one of us and it says a lot about our strength of character and the kind of person we choose to be.

To “Joe”:

Dear Joe, I am sorry I have disappointed you by delaying my return to the “scene”. I wish I could be back already, yet I am ok with getting on with my life as I wait for time to go by. Meanwhile, I choose to treat those around me with respect and consideration, regardless of my frustration.

Dear “Joe”, please be aware that unkind words you throw at others are nothing more than you raising your middle finger while standing in front of a full-length mirror, as karma has it her way (I refer to karma as she lol). For this reason, I am sorry you chose to let yourself down when you sent that email to me. But do not despair, I promise you there is happiness in this world to be experienced, even when you think there isn’t.

Dear “Joe”, I feel your pain and I know that the email you sent me came from a childlike place of hurt, that existed long before I first appeared as Lana Morell. I don’t know what brought that pain and cynicism into your life, but if you were here, I would give you a hug as a best friend would. I wish I could take that pain away from you, but I can’t. Yet I refuse to take responsibility for it. What I will do instead, is to forgive you and respect and love you unconditionally as a fellow human being.

I am now off to a Nutella filled breakfast lol. I try to make my life all about sweetness you see :).

Your Pleasure Pursuer & Victoria Independent Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…