Vauxhall Independent Escort

Written By - Lana Morell

Interested In A Bisexual Vauxhall Independent Escort?

Vauxhall Independent Escort


Dear Pleasure Seeker,


As we find forgiveness in the evening breeze, I begin to wonder and desire like a Vauxhall Independent Escort do… but this time is truly sinful! Have you ever had a bisexual experience with your favourite female companion? Have you ever had a 3 ways or threesome as some like to call it?

As you know this is all rather new to me, and the fact that I am currently away, and only returning at the end of August, isn’t helping me to gain experiences. But this does not mean the mind is not allowed to wonder and foresee what the future may be holding in store for me. I am young and therefore I think it is normal to want to experience different things and to want to adventure into a sinful world filled with pleasures. eyes wide shut syle for two?

Today I spent the day in bed fantasizing about all sorts… needless saying I was as wet as a paddling pool. If you only were there… but you weren’t, and so fantasy had it… yep, all of it ;). If you have seen this website but also noticed that I am currently away, please do not feel discouraged, as upon my return, trust me, I will be wanting everything and more! This is indeed a long absence and therefore I expect to celebrate my return in style… are you in? Please do contact me at the end of August with your suggestion for some time together. It will be my pleasure but also yours, to make our soon to be slippery date.

For now, I will surrender to my own imagination and await with excitement to be receiving your email. It is so very hot here… I wish you were here today to cool me down ;).


Your Pleasure Pursuer & Vauxhall Independent Escort…


Lana Morell xxx…